About MPHC

Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Company Q.P.S.C. (MPHC) is a Qatar-based company operating in the petrochemical sector. MPHC holds 49% of the issued share capital of each of Qatar Chemical Company Limited (“Q-Chem”) and Qatar Chemical Company II Limited (“Q-Chem II”), and 55.2% of the issued share capital of Qatar Vinyl Company Limited Q.S.C. (“QVC”).

The combination of these three successful operating ventures under MPHC creates a leading integrated producer of petrochemicals, with world-class production facilities in Qatar.

MPHC benefits from significant competitive advantages which include reliable and competitive feedstock supply, low energy costs, an excellent strategic location, a global and diverse customer base, and highly efficient and integrated operations.

MPHC is another Qatar national champion in one of the world's most attractive industries. Petrochemicals provide the raw materials for a large range of industrial and household products. They are the building blocks of a modern, sophisticated economy.

MPHC's attractive growth and dividend profile creates a solid platform that can evolve and take part in future petrochemical development projects.           

Head Office Functions & Management Structure

QatarEnergy, the founder and special shareholder, provides all of the head office functions for MPHC through a comprehensive services level agreement.  The operations of the joint ventures remain independently managed by their respective Boards of Directors and senior management teams.